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Building your story


Finding THE angle

In order for your behind the brand video to be as effective as possible, we need to bring out the angle best conveying the story of you and your brand. But what is your story? It’s a tricky question. To make things clearer for you we have developed a behind the brand blueprint as a template for creating engaging brand video. The blueprint encourages you to think about your journey - delving into the experiences, tests and ambitions defining your brand. There are various story angles you can choose between, ranging from the story of your successes and struggles, to the results you’ve achieved and the ideas driving your work. What matters most is making the story compelling and honest.

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Crafting THE script


Once you have completed your blueprint and developed a rough structure for your story, we will run through the blueprint with you to extract more details around the direction you have chosen. This will allow us to build a better picture of your brand and the journey you have been on. Following this discussion, our in-house copywriter will pull together all of the information and craft a bespoke script for your video.

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Developing THE Storyboard

After the script has been signed off with you it will be used as a framework for building visuals into your project. This is where the script comes to life as we begin to envisage the look and tone of the video through storyboarding. We love this part of the story building process as we are able to get creative and showcase your brand in the most enticing way possible.


Capturing the footage

Once your story has been built we will assemble a team with a dedicated director, alongside the camera set up best suited to the needs of the project. During filming we work closely to the script with the intention of placing focus on building narratives helping people to connect with the story. Over the course of two days, the team will capture all of the content needed to provide the best visual insight into who you are.

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Recording a voiceover

After filming has been completed the next stage is to record voiceover, which helps guide the viewer through the video. Depending on the needs of your project, there are two options here. If you would like to feature your voice on the video and personally tell your brand’s story, then we can bring sound recording equipment to your door. The other option is using one of our trusted professional voiceover artists to relay your story from a third person perspective.


Piecing together your story


Organising the footage

We’ve got all of the footage necessary and a voiceover to suit, but now it’s time to piece your story together in our edit suite. Alongside cutting your footage to the voiceover, we will make use of colour grading, visual effects and licensed music in order to bring your video to life.


Designing THE soundscape

Sound really does have the ability to transform a video. One of the ways we achieve this is through developing a bespoke sound design. This entails us creating foley sound effects in our studio, which we will overlay on top of the video in order to make the most mundane of sounds stand out in the video. This is great for heightening tension and emotion throughout the narrative. The sound design process is a fun one involving the Filma king team, various microphones and range of random objects… (Place GIF of Nick making sounds in office)


Finalising the video


With the sound design in place, we will send across the completed video for you to review. This amends process couldn’t be simpler. We make use of our user friendly online video review service enabling you to watch the video and leave comments throughout. No more back and forth email amends! Once you’re happy we will send across a high resolution version of the video. Whether it be on your website or in social media campaigns, it’s time to reveal the finished film and take everyone behind your brand.


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Your Journey

Every film project should be a journey. Explore the one Filma King will take you on below.

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