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You’ve got your video and you’re amazed by it, we hope… But now what? Like any great journey, you want to relive it over and over again with as many people as possible.


After going through all the hard work of planning, filming and editing your video, you don’t want to post it online for people to forget about it a few days later. Instead, you want to continue sharing the experience with others, showing them just how brilliant your story is.

One of the easiest traps to fall into once your video is created is thinking that is the end of the process. In truth, it’s only half of it. Marketing your video is the next crucial step. You now need to make sure your video reaches the right people and is distributed in the correct channels. You don’t want it to be a one hit wonder with minimal views, you want your video to continue popping up on social feeds, encouraging others to interact with your journey.

This is where Filma King can help

We’re not just a team who point and shoot cameras, we’re also marketing savvy and know how to ensure your video gets the results it deserves long after the video has been made. Whether you want to encourage people to buy your product or services, click through to your website, pick up the phone and get in touch, or build brand awareness, marketing your video is the all important final step of your journey where we will generate customer leads for you.

During this step we will build a personalised social media marketing strategy reaching out to your target audience. It’s more than likely they will not respond to your video message straightaway, as the average time a person needs to see a video before engaging with it is seven times. Therefore, we will ensure your content stands out amongst the crowded social media feeds. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, social media provides you with the perfect opportunity to maximise the reach of your content.


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