The heart of your journey

You’ve planned and prepared, and now it’s time for the part of the trip you’ve been waiting for - the moment you can start seeing your ideas come to life.

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There is something very rewarding about this stage of the process. After all of the planning, you finally begin to see your vision come to life in front of you. This stage of the journey is where we help transform your ideas into engaging stories. Like any road trip, it’s the stories created during the journey that you will look back on fondly.

Whether it’s a theatre show, a promotional film, or a documentary shoot - you can’t quite beat the feeling of seeing your production unfold. For us, this stage is all about attention to detail. We want to make your production stand out as much as possible - ensuring your story is conveyed in the best way possible.

It's important to make sure your journey runs as smoothly as possible

In order to do this we will assemble a dedicated director for your project, alongside the team and equipment most appropriate for the task. At Filma King we are lucky to have access to a range of powerful filmmaking tools, including slow motion cameras, drones and our beloved 360° tracking device - we call him Wall-E.

All of our team bring with them years of experience and expertise in all areas of film production, working on everything from small promotional videos to broadcast films for the BBC, Amazon and MTV. No matter what your needs and desires are, Filma King will ensure your production runs as smoothly as possible.