The magical part of your journey

The best journeys in life provide us with a sense of magic. That feeling where we look back on something and think - I never thought that was possible… So why should video be any different?

As important as the production phase of your journey is, post-production provides a unique opportunity to take your project in a completely new direction. We love this process as it gives us the chance to create those moments of magic in a video. Whether it’s a dazzling visual effect, a vibrant colour grade, or a cleverly edited narrative, well executed post-production can breathe life into any video.

All of the magic happens in our specialist edit-suite - our little fortress on the hill looking out over the rolling West Country hills. Perfect for when our editors need a bit of inspiration for transforming your video footage!

It's not just video content that makes the difference

With an in-house copywriter, a collection of trusted voiceover artists and a bank of royalty-free music, we are able to offer the complete post-production package. We are also able to build custom titles and graphics in keeping with the style of your production. These have the potential to greatly enhance a video’s visual aesthetics and highlight any key information.

Making sure you’re happy at every stage of the journey is important to us, so we work closely with you to meet all of your video desires. Reviewing the outcome to ensure you are completely happy with it couldn’t be easier either. Forget tiresome emails exchanging back and forth amends, Filma King has a dedicated video review system in place where you can add comments at any point in the video you choose.