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The start of your video journey

Here at Filma King we like to think of the video production process as a journey - one we take together with our clients.


Think of it as a road trip, one where you have the ability to drive your project in any direction possible (somewhere warm would be great…) The pre-production stage provides you with the opportunity to map everything out and develop a vision for the project.

Just like any road trip, it’s crucial to start with meticulous planning. You don’t want to get to the end and feel disappointed with the outcome. Investing in video can sometimes be a daunting prospect, so it’s important to ensure the process is an enjoyable experience. This is where the pre-production process proves vital.


It is one of, if not the most important phase of any video project

This process involves bringing you into the Filma King HQ for a comprehensive consultation, where we will work with you to bring out the story in your video brief - extracting the key elements and developing them into an engaging narrative. Drawing up a storyboard is an important part of this, as it enables us to creatively visualise your production - ensuring it looks the best it possibly can.

You can tell when a video has not had enough time spent on developing the pre-production because the video structure is disjointed and the story does not shine. Filma King recognises this and will ensure your video gleams brighter than the rest.