Vertical Video



We don’t need to remind you how much mobile phones have revolutionised our lives. Whether it’s their ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, or their usefulness for businesses looking to market their products and services in an innovative way that sells. Mobile phones have become one of the most powerful tools accessible to us.

We recognise that the smart phone is a tool owned by 62.9% of the world’s population, so now offer a dedicated service enabling videos to be perfectly displayed on your audience’s mobile phone.

Introducing vertical video - a specially adapted video format designed to make your content stand out on social media sites by filling a person’s phone screen as they scroll through their news feed. Considering the average person has an attention span of eight seconds, the use of a split screen effect allows you to communicate a lot of information in a short space of time, making this a crucial way of capturing the attention of your audience.


Capture the attention of your audience


Your Journey

Every film project should be a journey. Explore the one Filma King will take you on below.

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