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Making video your crowning glory


Welcome to the filma kingdom

A place where our edit suite is built like a fortress, we attend film shoots dressed in velvet robes, and our cameras are made of solid gold. Maybe this is a slight exaggeration… But Filma King Ltd is driven by the ethos that quality should be engrained into every video we create.

Established in 2012, Filma King is built around a dedication to creating films that enlighten, engage and entertain through precious moments of storytelling. A service where high standards and a willingness to innovate represent priceless jewels on the Filma King crown.

Whether it’s building virtual 360° video experiences, crafting compelling promotional films, or weaving intricate documentary narratives, our dedicated team of video specialists challenges itself to create content that will be the crowning glory of your business. Content that always centres around one defining element, the story.


Sometimes a video is all you need

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It’s more than just a video, it’s an experience

360° video offers a unique opportunity for you to connect with your customers, taking them on an incredible audiovisual journey on their phone or laptop from the comfort of their own home. It’s more than just a video, it’s an experience - one enabling users to interact with what’s on their screen and navigate a video environment filled with possibilities for customer engagement.