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What can we offer?

Here at Filma King Ltd we are dedicated to relaying the brilliance of your theatrical production. Through years of experience providing clients with a professional and efficient promotional video service, we have developed a tried and tested filming method for capturing theatrical performances - extracting the very best elements with the aim of  conveying the heart and passion our clients have etched into each of their productions. 

Why invest in a promotional video?

You don't need us to remind you that theatre production is a crowded market. With the amount of productions continuing to increase each year, it's crucial to make your show stand out amongst the competition. Having a polished promotional video will do just that - encouraging audiences to engage with your production whilst providing promoters with a stunning visual insight into your show.

Filma King has become an essential partner to Prestige Productions in providing a spectacular visual experience to our audience.
— Ross Mills - Producer/Director, Prestige Productions

The process


Every video Filma King works on involves a detailed pre-production phase. This is one of, if not the most important process for any video project.

During this process, we work closely with our clients to ensure their production needs and desires are successfully fulfilled. To begin with, we will provide a comprehensive consultation - bringing you into our office in order to break down the bare foundations of the show over a cuppa, working out the most effective and realistic way to capture the brilliance of your production.

theatre video production 1.jpeg

From this we will develop a personalised pre-production folder containing a call sheet, filming schedule and storyboard. We aim to get this signed off by the client during the pre-production phase in order to provide our film crew with an in-depth template to work towards during the shoot. 

The storyboard is a particularly crucial document in which we dedicate time to perfecting. We pride ourselves on making your promotional video look the best it possibly can be. Developing a detailed storyboard enables us to creatively visualise a production - breaking down each scene and identifying the most vital elements to film. 

Massive thanks to the Filma King team. Broadcast quality, full stop! It sets us apart from the other Pink Floyd tributes - looking much more like a show with a slick production, rather than just a gig.
— David Power - UK Pink Floyd Experience


Once the shoot date is confirmed, we assemble a highly skilled film crew equipped with a specialist multi-camera setup including slow motion cameras for those show-stopping visuals and a jib for wide angle shots of the stage. Working to a shot list, the director will  liaise with the client and crew, efficiently guiding everyone through each scene.

theatre show filming.jpeg

For us, the production phase is all about attention to detail. We want to make your show stand out as much as possible - ensuring the primary story is prevalent in the promotional video. One of the ways we do this is through paying particular attention to crafting unique choreographed scenes communicating the passion and emotion in your production.

frank sinatra filming.jpeg
Anyone requiring a top quality promotional video for their theatre production should check out Filma King. From our initial meetings to the day of the shoot and the delivery of the finished product, the process was pain free. The result was a high-end, beautifully shot video, which we we will use to promote our show for many years to come.
— Paul Holgate - Sugar Town Productions


After ensuring we have captured all the necessary content, we take the raw footage and piece it together in our specialist edit suite. Instead of just providing our clients with a single standalone video, we create two intricate edits at no additional cost to the original agreed fee. The first is a 90 second version ideal for social media marketing campaigns, while the second is an expansive three minute video packing the full flavour of the show - specifically designed to exhibit the excellence of your production to national and international promoters.

Ttitle 5.gif

We are also able to build custom titles and graphics in keeping with the needs and style of your production. These greatly enhance the visual aesthetics of our promotional videos alongside highlighting key information about your show to audiences and promoters.

theatre promo filming 3.jpeg

Our clients have been particularly delighted by the way their promotional videos have helped drum up interest and increase show ticket sales.

Promotional videos are now one of the most essential tools in promoting and marketing theatre shows. Filma King allows us to create and promote a fantastic visual experience that not only assists with ticket sales, but also enables us to take our shows around the world.
— Ross Mills - Producer/Director, Prestige Productions


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