360° Video


It’s more than just a video, it’s an experience

360° video offers a unique opportunity for you to connect with your customers, taking them on an incredible audiovisual journey on their phone or laptop from the comfort of their own home. Picture this - the ability to communicate with potential customers from all over the world, showcasing what you have to offer from afar, whilst still providing them with that all important personalised experience. A business owner’s dream, right?

Why not make it a virtual reality?

Making use of a custom built remote control device, scriptwriting services, professionally recorded voiceover, and royalty free music, Filma King is able to craft a fully immersive 360° video experience at your disposal. The viewing process couldn’t be simpler either. Whether watching on the go via mobile or at home on your computer, the hosting abilities of Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo mean 360° can reach your customers anywhere, anytime.


The 360° journey is one better travelled together, let us guide you through it.


360° Case Study


Being one of the UK’s largest property developers, Barratt Homes had no problem reaching customers, but wanted to provide them with something more than just a video. They wanted to create a virtual experience for potential homebuyers - one where customers could virtually walk through their future home with the warmth of a personal guide - from anywhere in the world, on any mobile device. This is where Filma King stepped in.


— Andrea Pilgrim

Sales Director - Barratt Homes

“ We wanted an effective way of showcasing our properties to potential customers as if they were taking a tour of a Barratt Home, but from anywhere in the world. Filma King presented us with the solution - 360 virtual tours. With their proficiency in storytelling and expertise in 360 videos, we are now able to use these engaging videos as a marketing tool to help sell our homes.”


Discover where 360° video can take you


Your Journey

Every film project should be a journey, explore the one Filma King will take you on below.

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