Every journey needs some magic

The best journeys in life provide us with a sense of magic. That feeling where we look back on something and think - I never thought that was possible… So why should videos be any different? At Filma King we love the post-production process as it gives us the opportunity to create those moments of magic in a video. Whether it’s a dazzling visual effect, a vibrant colour grade, or a cleverly edited narrative, well executed post-production can breathe life into any video.

It’s not just video content that makes the difference. With an in-house copywriter, a collection of trusted voiceover artists and a bank of royalty-free music, we are able to offer a diverse post-production package incorporating

complete with scriptwriting, music-sourcing and voiceover services. Reviewing your video to ensure you are completely happy with it couldn’t be easier either. Forget tiresome email back and forth amends, Filma King has a dedicated video review system in place where you can add comments at any point in the video you choose.

All of the magic happens in our specialist edit-suite with the use of industry-leading software.

  • Specialist edit suite

  • Industry-leading software

  • Dedicated review tools to make review process simple and effective for the client - no email back and forth

  • Music sourcing and voiceover recording - bank of trusted voiceover artists, which all contribute to professional quality of video

  • We have a deep understanding of the video industry and can recommend the best technical requirements for your chosen platform - whether that be a creative idea to fit a specific brief, or a technical spec that will offer the best solution to your problem

  • This is the part of the process where we turn everything into a concise edit

  • Ability to use special effects and colour grades to bring videos to like in Ultra HD/4K - to make your videos stand out and wow viewers

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