Watch the full promo for Pasture, Bristol's new steak restaurant


How the promotional video evolved

Stage 1

the storyboard

Every video Filma King Ltd works on involves a detailed pre-production phase. This is one of, if not THE most important process for any video project.

During this process for Pasture, we worked closely with our client to understand their needs, develop a creative brief and then visually communicate this in a storyboard using our experienced in-house illustrator. 

This is where we map out each scene.

Take a look

shutterstock_781437073 [Converted].jpg

stage 2

the production

Once the shoot date was confirmed, we assembled the right film crew for the job and arrived on location. Working to our shot list and storyboard we filmed everything in one day.

The afternoon consisted of detailed choreographed shots of the restaurant facilities, cocktails being made and steaks cooked. We had the luxury of time during the afternoon so we were able to obtain the perfect shots each time.

In the evening there was a buzzing atmosphere in the restaurant and bar, so it was simply a case of being in the right place at the right time to capture the vibe and make sure we achieved the shots from our list. 


And we were very well looked after...


stage 3

the post production

We imported all the footage from the shoot and carefully crafted the masterpiece in the edit suite. We stuck to the structure and of course added some of our own creativity to give the video even more flare. 

After an initial draft, the second edit was signed off by our client with a very lovely feedback response, which put a big smile on our faces:

Mate this is f**king epic!! Awesome
— Sam Elliot - Owner, Executive Chef

Storyboard to video...


take a look at the finished product...

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